My entry to the Movie Jam 3: Death Jam. Let me know what you guys think. We only had 2 days to make it, I only had 1 since i found out about it today( but at least i made it in time).


Went to Frederator in LA today

Talked with someone about cartoon production. Got all that free stuff on top. We agreed I should 2 in the AM PM something myself. Ultra limited animation is my specialty.

Only like 10 people work there. Did run into Natasha Allegri. She was just as excited to recognize me as I was for her.

This looks like a cool place to work, dang it really need to get my pilot off the ground


A futher look Foodfight 1K Sub Special

Hello, this is Dkunz here with a follow-up. I’ve been looking over the reception for the review of Breadwinners, and it has been brought to my attention that it’s more of a rant and that I didn’t really go into detail about the cartoon and why I don’t like it. I’d like to say I appreciate the feedback I have received, and I will try to better elaborate on my points of why this cartoon is hurting the industry, and the reputation of Western cartoons. 


I drew this the day I found out H.R. Giger died. I first learned about his art watching the film Alien.


I drew this the day I found out H.R. Giger died. I first learned about his art watching the film Alien.


Check out the NEW animated Trailer for True Tail!! Our team has been working so very hard for over a year now to make this show a reality - I hope you enjoy the first glimpse of what final animation looks like!


This might be the last update for a little while, as I haven’t done much more animation on the next few scenes, but almost the entire intro is colored! (thanks Misha haha) So here is kinda how it’s looking so far!

Thank you so much for all the donations! It means so much, honestly!

this film is way too much fun to work on ff<33

Donate to this film here (if you want too)!

I demand to know how you are doing this, whatis this proccess, How is this output of quality possible in flash!?




Hey guys, I’m in a bit of a bind. Over the weekend my bus ticket to go to California to see hang with my brother at his class’ graduation party and E3 was cancelled and I’ve been trying to resolve this issue.

I told the station about the mistake…

Support this guys art, help an fellow artist out, Id commission him too if I had the funds, but Alas like most artists on tumblr, were broke.


Your favorite cartoon is getting a video game

It’s a retro throwback

If said retro throwback is good then whats the big deal, its wayforward after all. I am tired of this negative stigma towards retro throwbacks made by Wayfoward, why do you hate them so much Pan!?